Wednesday, 13 November 2013

33DC Geometric

For my geometric nail art I decided to use these parallelogram loose glitters I have to create cubes on my nails. I love how it turned out and can only apologise for the light I had to take this in.
The base for this is NYC A suitcase and a donut, a gorgeous greyish, blackish navy, I am showing you two coats which were just perfect for this polish.
These little glitters are incredibly holographic and I just love this easy cube effect. However, on reflection I wish I'd considered the camera and put my cubes the other way up... here's what they looked like for me :):
There we go, I loved this but I have to admit it only lasted for a couple of hours because I pick glitter off my nails...


  1. These are really cool. I always struggle with glitter placement, it frustrates me lol.

  2. These look amazing -- I love the combination of the dark grey base and the silver glitters!


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