Friday, 2 August 2013

Fandom Cosmetics- Storybrook Shippers Swatches

Source: once upon a storybrook
Here is a new to me brand- Fandom Cosmetics. I was super excited when this came through because I had ordered five polishes from Fandom Cosmetics, the entire Storybrook Shippers Collection inspired by the TV series Once Upon a Time. I am really impressed with both the quality of the polishes and how closely tied to the inspiration they are.

This post is very picture and gif heavy so click below the jump for more details on these stunning polishes.

This is the flagship polish of the collection and the only one that I can find swatches of on blogs. It is a clear based polish with gold holographic particles, small blue circle glitters and large white circle glitters.
Deliberately blurry to show off holographics
It is beautiful over a black base to pull up the gold and the holographic flash. This is two coats of Rumbelle over OPI Mourning Glory.
How cute are Rumbelle! I think she's my favourite character in Once upon a time.
Source: byaluryuu

True Love's Kiss
Next up is true love's kiss, when I first got these out this was the polish I was immediately drawn to even though I am definitely not a pink person.
 It is absolutely beautiful on, just the right shade of pink for me. This is two coats, no top coat. This polish is a pink base with small purple glitter and some small purple circles.

Swan Queen
Swan Queen represents the relationship between Emma Swan and the Queen, and although this seems unlikely it is said that hate is only the flip side of love.
This is a combination of turquoise circles and hexes and lavender circles. I am showing you one dabbed coat over True Love's Kiss.
This is one dabbed coat of Snowing over Jessica Goddess. Snowing is a combination of red hex, black circle and white heart glitter.
 This one was pretty hard to work with, compounded by my bottle of it having a curved brush but I love how it looks on. I think I'll thin it before I use it again.
I'm thinking this will be great at Christmas over a forest green base. This gif perfectly shows off the colour inspiration for this polish.
Source: 8ast
Sleeping Warrior
Sleeping warrior is one of my favourites of this collection. It is based on the friendship between Aurora and Mulan and these two girls have inspired an amazing polish!
This glitter polish is fantastic on and although I've chosen to show it to you over white trust me that it also looks amazing over dark purple. This polish is a combination of silver and pink hexes with small black circle glitter and silver microglitter. Again this is one dabbed coat over Jessica Goddess.

In conclusion this collection is awesome and although you might not need all five of them there are some very unique mixes in here. My picks are Rumbelle, Swan Queen and Sleeping Warrior.

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