Saturday, 10 August 2013

Franken Frosting Whimsical Magic Ride Nail Art

Last night I sat down and planned out my blog posts for the next two weeks, it was pretty hard work and I feel a little drained of inspiration right now but boy do I have a lot lined up for you. Next week I plan to do some exciting nail art designs inspired by other bloggers and the week after will be a themed week, but more about that later. Today I have some nail art which turned into something completely different to what I had planned. I was aiming for a gradient running across the nails rather than the usual way but the colours I chose were too close to each other and just didn't really show up. This is what I ended up with

This is an entirely indie mani- woo! The base gradient was made using A England Ascalon, St. George and Tristam:
I then added the amazing glitter Franken Frosting Whimsical Magic Ride to my index and little fingers and a Cheeky CH8 stamp in Lilypad lacquer Bluebell on my other nails.
I love this combination, it's subtle and striking at the same time and just generally looks great :). This is one dabbled coat of the Franken Frosting and I didn't have to fish for the stars which can be a problem in polishes with larger glitters. I really want to use Bluebell to stamp over a paler base because it's a gorgeous colour.

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