Sunday, 11 August 2013

This week's haul

I've been quite naughty this week being tempted by some of the polishes at Sally Magpies and going a little wild in the Nail Arcade pop up shop. I am now on a very strict no buy as there are some other parcels on their way to me at the moment. So what did I buy I hear you ask:
Serum No5 Sky Lights, Shrinking Violet and Beach Cruisin. Sky Lights is a glow in the dark polish and Serum No5 come in these cute boxes with heart shaped holes cut in them so here it is glowing in its box
Smitten Polish I Feel...Wicked, Look to the Western Sky and Ghosts of Jupiter.
Dance Legend Teleportation, Serum No5 Happy Special Day, Smitten Polish Pastel Pixellation.
Franken Frosting Whimsical Magic Ride and Tara's Talons More polish, less speed.
Cirque Erda and Catrice Squeeze Me.
Dragon Glass Nails Blood and Fire and Revlon ChromaChameleon Topaz.
Apart from Tara's Talons and Revlon these are all new to me brands and I can't wait to try out them all. In the coming week I will be focusing on nail art so I might not get a chance to use all of these asap. if there are any you are desperate to see on let me know and I'll do a quick swatch for you, but otherwise sit back and enjoy the nail art starting on Tuesday.

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  1. wow!! and doesn't Nail Arcade wrap them beautifully! It's almost a shame to open them!!!


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