Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Polishes I can't live without

Something of a different post for you today, rather than telling you about my favourite nail polishes (maybe later) I thought I'd tell you about the polishes I can't do without and that I use most regularly

OPI My Vampire Is Buff
I'm sure this polish would feature on many bloggers versions of this list, this is the perfect cream colour, great for adding to nail art designs without the stark contrast that white sometimes has 

NYC Ink Stain
My favourite deep blue polish, it's not too dark and has shimmer running throughout. It's also fantastic for nail art because it is very opaque

Barry M nail art pen in Black
I don't know where I would be without this pen, it's so good for outlining and drawing on intricate designs

NYC Gramercy Glitz/ Butter London Frilly Knickers
These are my two fairy dust polishes, the ones that add that little bit of sparkle. Adding one of these can sometimes pull a design together. For example, adding a bit of sparkle made this gradient so much better.

NYC Full Metal Jacket
This is the one I'm currently using but really I mean any gold foil polish, this is an essential part of my stamping kit. Gold goes with everything and is always a classy addition to your nail art. This polish has more of a speckled finish than the Barry M gold foil polish and I really like that look.

A England Bridal Veil
I raved about this when I got it as the perfect black and I would stand by that statement. It's a one coater with holographic flash, excellent.

And finally a fast dry top coat, I'll use any of them but these are a life saver in terms of time to dry and protecting your nails, and a strengthening base coat, among my favourites are the Essie one (pink liquid) and OPI Nail Envy, the strengthening ones tend to be thinner than drugstore base coats and thus don't add to the overall drying time of your mani.


  1. LOVE that OPI Shade, so pretty! I have the Barry M Pen in White, really want it in black too!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. They're so useful, i've found the black one to be more opaque than the white :)


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