Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I Feel... Wicked Stamped

My Moyou plates arrived yesterday and I had to try them out. I was still wearing my swatch of Smitten Polish I Feel... Wicked, and decided to try a stamp from the Sailor Collection Plate 4 which would show off the polish underneath.
I love this swirly design which leaves a little circle of polish completely clear but I wish I had stamped a little lower on my little finger.
The etching on the Moyou plates is great, the stamp came up perfectly every time. It is worth noting though that this design was only just long enough to cover my entire nail at the moment and my nails are fairly small so check the dimensions of the plates and buy the XL versions if you have big nails. I also got the Suki Collection Plate 1 which is the most unusual stamping plate I have ever seen and I am very excited to try it out.


I read all comments and greatly enjoy hearing your thoughts on my manicures :)