Friday, 23 August 2013

The Pussycat went to Sea

I got a parcel from Llarowe yesterday with my new piCture pOlish collaboration shades in it. The two I really wanted were Freya's Cats and Electric Dream. Unusually although I am a massive turquoise fan Lagoon just didn't appeal to me. I immediately put on Freya's Cats a deep blue jelly with silver flakies. It reminds me of the sea and I decided to do some nail art. 
I love this wave image from the Moyou plate but my nail beds aren't quite wide enough to show it off completely. I stamped with my Konad white polish and looks at how well all the small details of the plate came out!
This is Freya's Cats alone in all its shimmery beauty. I would call this a royal blue and you are seeing two easy to apply coats.
The glitter on my index and little fingers is Pocket Money Polishes Magic, the colours in this are perfect to represent the fish and algae in the sea. As with all of my other PMPs this had fantastic formula with this density of glitter (the perfect density in my opinion) in just one coat!
I'm going to call this a completely indie mani because the konad polish doesn't really count ;). I love how this looks on my nails and would definitely recreate it another time :).

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