Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pocket Money Polishes Ice Ice Baby Nail Art

A little while ago Pocket Money Polishes ran a quick competition asking for photos of their polishes looking great with unusual items. I decided to do a quick manicure to show off Ice Ice Baby. When I'm deciding which colour to show off a clear based glitter against I'll often do a few swatches against different colours, this polish looked great over black, yellow and pale blue. I'm also really into unusual gradients so I decided to do a gradient with these three colours.

I can't tell you how much I loved this, the gradient is so striking and the glitter really pulls the whole design together, standing out over the black and yellow and giving a subtle lift to the pale blue polish.
For my unusual item I chose the book Mort by Terry Pratchett. It was total coincidence that the colours in the gradient matched the cover so well.
I did this gradient a little differently to how I normally do them, sponging on the blue and black individually so that I could control how much black went onto the nail.
The polishes in the gradient are Bourjois Sunny Sun, NYC Raindrop and A England Bridal Veil. Pocket Money Polishes make fantastic glitter toppers and if you live in the UK I would recommend you check them out :). Don't be downhearted my American friends though because there will be a Glitter Babies pop up store in September link to the Facebook page here.

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