Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pocket Money Polishes Fever Nail Art

I was totally overwhelmed by the response to my Electric Fish mani on Sunday! Thank you to everyone who commented telling me how much they liked it :). Today I am showing you some nail art featuring another Pocket Money Polish- Fever. I am an amateur singer and Fever is one of the songs I used to perform so it holds a special place in my heart. Fever is a gorgeous glitter topper with small red glitter, silver holographic square glitter and large red circle glitter. Because the bottles are so small (4ml) you only need to dip your brush in a couple of times to get the circles out which I prefer to fishing around. You are seeing one coat with placed large circle glitters.
The base colour for this is A England Bridal Veil and I stamped with Barry M Silver Foil. I chose the peacock's tail from the plate for the silver flourish
I also entered this manicure into PMP's contest for photos of their polishes with you holding weird things so here is this manicure with me holding a trilobite (a fossilised marine creature from 250 million years ago).
One of the best things about manicures with stamping and glitter accents is that it is relatively straight forward to get matching nail art on both hands. I am having a glitter topper moment right now and I can't get enough of the Pocket Money Polishes that I own (and I stocked up on a couple more at the latest restock including a one off called Harden your Heart) if you want to get hold of your own click here in the UK and here in the USA (USA is a pop up shop in September).
As a bonus end of post treat here is Peggy Lee singing Fever:

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