Saturday, 24 August 2013

Packing polish for a short holiday

I am at my parents house for the bank holiday weekend plus a couple of days and as I don't have a nail art post prepared (and am unlikely to have time to remove my nail polish and repaint before a post is due I thought I would instead share with you what I brought with me to allow me to still have a choice of different colours and nail art techniques available to me.

Basic Nail Care
Polish remover, cotton wool pads, nail file, nail scissors, cuticle oil, OPI Nail Envy Base coat, Save the Nail Fast Dry Topcoat and Mavala matte topcoat
Nail art tools
Barry M black and white nail art pens, 2 dotting tools of different sizes, nail art brush, clean up brush, 2 moyou stamping plates (many designs on each plate), stamper, scraper, pot of various studs, striping tape, 2 makeup sponges, striping tape and konad white and black stamping polish.
Nail Colours
Reds: OPI Cajun Shrimp (mini), Barry M Passionfruit
Pinks: Orly Hottie (mini), NYC Greenwich Village, piCture pOlish Electric Dream
Orange: Orly Holla (mini)
Yellow: Orly Hook Up (mini)
Green: Barry M Key Lime, NYC High Line Green
Blue: Essie Naughty Nautical (mini), Orly Blue Collar (mini), piCture pOlish Freya's Cats
Purple: Essie Full Steamahead (mini)
Blacks: A England Bridal Veil, Happy Revolution Aluminium Monster
Nude: OPI My Vampire is Buff (not strictly nude but...)
Metallic: NYC Full Metal Jacket, Barry M Silver Foil Effect
Glitters: Dollish Polish Inconceivable (mini), Enchanted Polish Wish Me Good Luck, Nails Inc Horse Guards Parade, NYC Gramercy Glitz, Pocket Money Polishes Fever and I Want Candy.

Each of these polishes has a purpose, most of the coloured polishes are cremes and where I had a choice I would choose to take a bottle that I had a mini of so that it didn't take up so much space. The glitters are all different from each other with varying levels of glitter and different colours. I have included four polishes in different colours which I know stamp well. I haven't included NYC Ink Stain on this list because I already have a bottle of it where I am going. I would also include Sellotape if I was actually going away rather than just going home. When decided which polishes to bring I have also considered my own person tastes, I tend to uses blues and greens more than other colours so I have included more of them (why there are 3 pinks in is a bit of a mystery to me...)

This combination of polishes and tools should hopefully give me the freedom to do any design that pops into my head while I'm away and it all fit into this Molton Brown toiletries bag. Success!

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