Saturday, 3 August 2013

I got a Helmer and organised my polishes

The issue of where to store my growing nail polish collection became more pressing as I moved into my new house, my room has a limited amout of storage space and I didn't want stuff to end up getting left on the floor (I'm really bad for this). A Helmer fits neatly down the side of my desk and the drawers are just the right size for nail polish. When I was sorting my polishes I decided to put stickers on top so I can see at a glance exactly what colour each polish is. This process revealed some un-surprising truths about my polish collection. Click below the jump to see what they were:

1) I own more blues that any other colour, including about ten different shades of turquoise
2) I own very few yellows and those I do own are all pretty close in shade and finish to each other.
3) A series of multicoloured dots look really cool
4) I seem to be drawn to the same sorts of colours, I own three deep red satin finish polishes, multiple turquoise cremes and two almost exact duplicate acid green glitter polishes
5) I have more indie brands than I had realised and I love (almost) every one of my indie polishes
6) I don't regret buying any of these polishes :)
I will have a post soon with some of my polish heroes, the ones that come out time after time for nail art designs.

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  1. Oh wow that looks like a lot of work, well done you!


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