Friday, 9 August 2013

Water Nail Art with Whimsy

I thought I'd have a go at one stroke nail art. What I ended up with does not look like petals but more like waves on a beach. I wish I'd done the nail art over a sandy colour but I'm OK with that, waves are more my thing than flowers anyway. The base polish here is the stunning Whimsy by piCture pOlish with acrylic paint.

I quite enjoy working with acrylic, it is a very different medium to nail polish and allows for many designs which nail polish does not.
I keep thinking that I'll paint my helmer in acrylic paint but I need to decide on some designs first and see if the paint will stick to it, hopefully it'll turn it into a really cool unique piece rather than a fairly boring mini filing cabinet.
So expect to see a few more attempts at one stroke here soon as I fully intend to practice this technique as I have seen some exceptional nail art done with it.

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